OMERS AVCs Returned 11.5% in 2017

April 25, 2018

Another tax season is almost behind us. According to the Canada Revenue Agency, most Canadians will receive a refund. If you find yourself with extra cash, Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) are an exclusive retirement savings opportunity for OMERS members.

Similar to RRSPs in some ways, your savings are invested in the OMERS Fund – a diversified portfolio of high-quality investments, which earned an 11.5% net rate of return in 2017.

AVCs are:

  • a low-cost investment;
  • similar to RRSPs in some ways – see page 4 of the AVC Guide for the similarities and differences; and
  • available all year-round – you can transfer money from other registered retirement savings vehicles (e.g., RRSPs) into an AVC account anytime throughout the year. Active members can also make regular contributions by pre-authorized debit, and some employers offer AVC payroll deductions.  

Are AVCs right for you? Learn more.

Already have an AVC account?

If you're an active member, you may be able to catch up on your AVCs for the year if you started automatic contributions partway through the year or if you haven’t been contributing your biweekly or monthly maximum for automatic contributions.
The updated AVC Guide, available online, provides more information on how to make a catch-up payment.