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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a specific retirement date, or dates, in mind, we would be happy to provide you with an estimate of your OMERS pension. There are several ways to request an estimate:

There are several ways to change your beneficiary:

  • Visit to review and update your beneficiary information online.

  • Print Form 206 – Beneficiary information. Complete the form and fax or mail it to OMERS.

  • Send us a letter requesting a change of beneficiary. Be sure to include your name, membership or SIN number, your new beneficiary(ies) and their relationship to you, and your signature.

OMERS order of entitlement When a member dies, OMERS provides benefits in the following order of entitlement:

  • An eligible spouse is first in line for survivor benefits.

  • If there is no eligible spouse, a benefit would be paid to any eligible dependent children.

  • If there is no eligible spouse or children, the beneficiary on file with OMERS may be entitled to a refund.

  • If there is no beneficiary on file with OMERS, any refund would be paid to the member's estate.

The most convenient way to update your information is online withmyOMERS. Or, you can call OMERS Member Services at 1-800-387-0813 or 416-369-2444.

2020 Plan Review

We at OMERS are responsible for protecting your pension – today and into the future. As part of this responsibility, the OMERS Sponsors Corporation Board, made up of representatives of sponsor organizations, reviews the health and viability of the Plan every year to ensure it remains sustainable, affordable and meaningful for the OMERS community.

Learn more about Plan changes

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