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OMERS Strategy

To make OMERS a sustainable, affordable and meaningful defined benefit Plan

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OMERS Strategy was approved in 2019. It provides long-term strategic direction and areas of focus, as well as set of specific priorities for the next five years. The new Strategy puts us on a path to make OMERS a sustainable, affordable and meaningful Plan, while managing challenges across the pension landscape. We know we will continue to face headwinds, so we need to make the right choices today to prepare us for the future.  Some of these challenges include:  

  • Plan maturity

  • Rapid disruption across industries

  • Geopolitical instability

  • Changing nature of work

  • Longer life expectancy

Our Strategy begins to address these challenges and other headwinds through our key areas of focus:

Plan Design – Evolve OMERS offering to meet stakeholders’ and sustainability needs

  1. Ensure Plan Sustainability via appropriate Plan design

  2. Explore how to Modernize the Plan and improve its relevance

  3. Jointly find ways to Simplify the Plan

  4. Consider options to Grow the Plan

Funding -  Manage funding and ALM levers to ensure the Plan’s Financial health

  1. Develop a Joint Funding Framework to manage the value proposition

  2. Update the Funding Management Strategy

  3. Evolve our Discount Rate approach to manage risk

  4. Conduct Asset-Liability Management studies

Investment – Maintain a diverse investment portfolio that meets risk/return hurdles

  1. Deliver a clear Total Portfolio Strategy within our risk-return targets

  2. Continue to actively incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance factors

  3. Improve the Plan’s Global Diversification

  4. Expand our Strategic Partnerships

Engagement - Improve stakeholder trust and understanding

  1. Enhance and Align Stakeholder Engagement

  2. Enhance the Pension Services delivery method

  3. Increase focus on Government Relations

Operations - Advance our operational capabilities

  1. Build and retain diverse Talent Depth across the organization

  2. Enhance our Data and Technology capabilities

  3. Leverage cost-control and fee offsets to Manage Costs

OMERS Long-Term Aspirations The Road to 2030

  • A member-first service-oriented platform delivering exceptional value and service

  • A governance model that is effective and collaborative

  • A world-class investment platform, highly focused on the right strategic markets and partners

  • A disciplined, prudent and risk-conscious steward that meets the changing needs of stakeholders

  • An industry-leading employer with an exceptional workplace environment