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About the Plan

Find out more about your pension plan, including an overview of how defined benefit pension plans operate, a description of the OMERS Pension Plans and their features, some facts about the Plan and recent changes.

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Plan Funding

Funding is critical to the long-term sustainability of the Plan to ensure we can provide sustainable, affordable, and meaningful pensions for generations to come.

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Plan Review

OMERS keeps a close eye on the pension environment and projected long-term sustainability of the Plan. The Sponsors Corporation (SC) continually assesses the long-term health of the Plan.

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Why Your Plan Matters

Did you know that your OMERS pension provides tangible value beyond individual pension payments? Find out more about how this Plan matters to people and communities.

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About my Pension

Your pension is an important component of your financial security in retirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Responses to frequently asked questions about the Plan.