Your OMERS Pension Plan Creates Value for You and Your Community

September 25, 2018
Research has confirmed that the OMERS defined benefit pension plan creates important social value that extends beyond the individual member and his or her family into the broader community – to everyone’s benefit.
We have long understood the economic value created by OMERS investments in business – to help create and sustain jobs. Now we also know that the OMERS defined benefit pension plan makes a difference in other important ways. With the certainty of income in retirement, OMERS members are:
  • more likely to be healthier overall;
  • more likely to be physically active;
  • more likely to donate to charity more often;
  • more likely to volunteer in their community;
  • more likely to provide care for others and serve as mentors; and
  • considerably less likely to draw on government for an income supplement.
OMERS retiree, John Fleck, is living proof of this. Since retiring, John has been volunteering regularly at a local women’s shelter. Learn more about how he’s making a difference in his community.

For more information about the social value of your OMERS Pension Plan, read the full report or the one-page summary.

Report Downloads

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    Social Value Infographic

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    Social Value of the Plan