Research Shows Pension Plans Help Keep Economy Healthy

September 23, 2014

Two studies conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) show that big pension organizations, like OMERS, have a significant, long-term, positive impact on the economy, while providing retirees with stable and adequate incomes.

The first study released last year found that Canada's ten largest public pension funds, dubbed "the Top Ten," provide Canadians with one of the strongest retirement income systems in the world and also contribute significantly to national prosperity. The study also found that these pension plans invest at home and abroad, and that most of the income paid to retirees comes from investment returns.

The second study, published last October, confirmed that retired Canadians with a defined benefit (DB) pension like OMERS have a positive impact on the economy. DB plan retirees have a reliable monthly income based on the number of years they contributed to their plan. They are more comfortable in spending what they receive and the money they spend cycles back into the Canadian economy. They are also less likely to rely on government assistance; instead, they help to fund government programs and services through taxes paid.

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