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Winter 2021 Co-op Video Transcript

We asked our winter co-op students what their most meaningful experience was at OMERS!

The time that I have spent working on OMERS over the last couple of months has been one of the most inspirational, impactful and fulfilling moments of my entire life.

OMERS truly went above and beyond to ensure the students felt connected.

My most meaningful experience has been connecting to members on a one to one basis and making an impact on their lives.

The culture at OMERS is fantastic.

Being put on an organization that is so passionate about social change and inclusion has been amazing to see.

There is a sense of belonging here.

Diversity is at our forefront. It doesn't matter where you're from.

And people have just been so outgoing and so inclusive.

You can easily connect with anyone at OMERS.

I've created amazing connections with so many students.

I have ample opportunities to grow and really be part of the OMERS community here.

Because diversity is our strength.

From the positive and welcoming environment that my team at the Office Asset Management team has created for me.

Interning at OMERS gives every student the ability to learn so many new skills, and in fact progress in their career.

I work in highly functioning teams on some of the most pressing modern business problems.

Furthermore, every single person I've met at OMERS has been incredibly welcoming and interested in helping me develop the skills I need to further explore and develop my career.

It has been this real life contribution to something so important that has made this internship so incredible.

As well as gain invaluable insights from our senior leadership through the leaders speakers series.

I received valuable information and also experiences from them.

The innovative workplace culture has made learning at OMERS fun.

There's been a lot of genuine, fun experiences.

I always felt like what I was contributing was one being appreciated and to being recognized.

In the remote and challenging environment that we're currently in very little is certain.

However, what is certain is OMERS ability to provide their interns with an amazing experience.