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What would go in your pandemic time capsule?

There is no question that we are living in very different times. When you look back on these weeks and months, how will you remember 2020?

A recent CBC storyon the City of Ottawa Archives called for submissions. Photos, stories, children’s artwork all capture a time of difficulty, but also resilience, and hope.

There are tragic and deeply challenging stories that are part of this period of history. There are also tales of heroism, big and small, from front line responders and caregivers to truck drivers and grocery store workers. There are moments with children and other loved ones and stories of great generosity among friends, neighbours and absolute strangers.

How will you remember your experience? Especially any positive moments that made you smile in midst of a global health care crisis.
Some people have been journaling – documenting daily or weekly how the weeks have evolved and how we have changed with them. And maybe we can take a page from the City of Ottawa Archives.

History is made up of moments. If we’ve been at all lucky, some of those moments are worth remembering, and maybe it’s a good idea to set them aside. Whether you bury them in the back yard or leave them in a box in your closet, hopefully when you look back on 2020 there are a few bright spots in the mix.