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‘What’s Important’ video launches

What’s Important answers the most common questions about defined benefit pensions and commuted values in three minutes.

Celine Chiovitti Headshot

Celine Chiovitti, Executive Vice President & Head of Pensions

November 16, 2021

Reading Time: 1 minute

We’re delighted to share What’s Important, an educational video that addresses the most common questions about defined benefit pensions and commuted values that just launched today.

OMERS began working in collaboration with eight of our peers to produce What’s Important to mark Financial Literacy Month to raise awareness about the value of retirement security.

What’s Important explains to members why it is important to get all the facts about retirement security before making decisions about their financial futures. And here are three reasons why:

  1. Having a secure and stable source of retirement income improves the lives of OMERS members and strengthens communities in Ontario.

  2. Many of our members have attributed low stress levels, good health and an increased sense of financial security to reliable income in retirement.

  3. Many of our members give back to their communities and credit their increased life satisfaction, associated with their OMERS pension, with their ability to volunteer and offer donations.

We are honoured to support member education and awareness through releasing What’s Important in partnership with BC’s College, Municipal, Public Service and WorkSafe BC Pension Plans, College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT), Ontario Pension Board, OPTrust, and Teachers’ Pension Plan Corporation Newfoundland & Labrador.