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What are we up to in Asia-Pacific? Here’s a short update

Countries including India and Australia remain attractive

June 11, 2021

Ever wonder what we are up to in Asia-Pacific? Perhaps you have heard our CEO Blake Hutcheson and other leaders speak about our interest in the region? We want to share a short update because we’re excited about a range of opportunities there and the potential for these to generate value for members.

Asia-Pacific has the demographics and economic growth that make it an attractive part of the world for investing. Today, around 10% of our assets are invested in the region – including the Port of Melbourne, Transgrid (a utility in Australia) and IndInfravit (toll roads in India). Our real estate arm (Oxford Properties) in partnership with Capital Markets is also the single largest institutional investor in ESR, a logistics real estate platform for the region.

We are excited to further invest in a number of countries, including India and Australia, and we have 20 colleagues based in offices in Singapore and Australia who are identifying new partners and opportunities across these, and other, markets.

AsianInvestor, a magazine from the region, recently spoke to three of our executives – Christopher Curtain, Prateek Maheshwari and Alastair Hall – about our plans. They chatted about our interest in a range of sectors – including renewable energy and digital communications infrastructure. You can read the article here.

We’ll be sure to continue keeping you posted on what we’re up to in the region!

You can learn more about our international investments here.

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"Asia-Pacific has the demographics and economic growth that make it an attractive part of world in which we are investing."