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We are all OMERS

Video transcript

On April 18, 2019 OMERS turns 57.
1962: OMERS is established. The Plan launches in 1963 with 160 employers and more than 8,000 members.
1968: the first Board is appointed with Paul Hickey as Chair and Anne Jones as Vice-Chair.
1975: OMERS begins investing.
1981: Introduction of survivor benefits to spouses of remarried members.
1991: New provision allows members to “buy back” their previous eligible public service.
1998: Survivor benefit eligibility is expanded to include same-sex spouses.
2006: OMERS devolves from government with the proclamation of the OMERS Act.
2012: Governance review of OMERS is conducted.
2014 OMERS now has offices in London, U.K., New York City, U.S., and Sydney, Australia.
2017: Toronto-based teams co-locate to 100 Adelaide W.
2018: OMERS opens office in Singapore.

  • Contributing to our communities

  • Creating value with the Plan

  • Becoming a leader in defined benefit pensions

  • Building on a foundation of fairness and inclusivity

  • Partnering with employers

  • Keeping the promise of our members

  • Investing to meet the pension promise

  • Driven by a collective sense of purpose

OMERS – Our Mission: To deliver secure and sustainable defined benefit pensions.
OMERS is 500,000 members, 1,000 employers, more than 50 unions and associations who make our communities work. This is your plan.
57 years ago, we started something special. Today we are a community of dedicated employees. And we asked, “Why are you proud to work at OMERS?”.
“I believe in what OMERS does!”
“We work for more than ourselves.”
“We work for great people… with great people.”
“Working for a greater purpose.”
“I like that people come first.”
“We have a clear commitment to our purpose.”
“We are forward-looking.”
“To ensure members have a secure future.”
“We serve our members proudly.”
“I wanted to join a company where I could make a difference.”
“I am proud that OMERS supports our communities”.
“Feels great making a positive impact.”
“With 500,000 members, I get to be part of something cool!”
“We stand for something that helps people in retirement…”
“… gives people confidence in their lives and makes me proud.”
“Helping people retire with dignity.”
“I have seen first-hand the difference defined benefits make…”
“…because people in my family (including myself) are OMERS members.”
“I like working for something bigger than myself.”
“50+ years of providing pension security.”
“I am proud of the journey we are on.”
“I am proud to invest for our members retirement.”
“I believe in what OMERS does.”
“I believe in defined benefit pension plans.”
“We are all OMERS.”