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City of Toronto | 5 years

I work on reporting leaves and contributions to OMERS. I’m proud of helping City of Toronto employees with their inquiries regarding leaves of absence. ​

In my spare time, I go to church, go out with friends to see a movie, or just simply catch up with our daily routines.​

I’m looking forward to the freedom that retirement will allow. No more 8 to 10 hours of work, Monday to Friday! I will be able to take my time, and sleep in a little longer. No need to commute and deal with the hassles of waiting for the bus/trains, especially when it's bitter cold in winter. My plan is to travel more and go places that I never been before.

Social Value of the Plan

The OMERS defined benefit plan isn’t just important to our members. Research confirms that the OMERS Plan generates social and economic value for communities in Ontario, underscoring the importance of preserving OMERS as a defined benefit pension plan.