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Purpose@Work Video Transcript

Michael Kelly, Chief Legal & Corporate Affairs Officer:
“There’s been a lot of discussion about having a broader purpose for corporations to take account of it own employees, its communities, its suppliers, and the idea is to share their experience and insights and really turbocharge some of these concepts around OMERS that give employees meaning and purpose. This is a program that’s about employees.”

We are all driven to deliver on our mission – to provide sustainable, affordable and meaningful defined benefit pensions to our plan members.

Purpose@Work goes beyond that mission…

Working together to create the best place to work as well as make a positive impact on the communities where we live and work.

Global Citizenship – Align with broader, global initiatives and like-minded institutions to create bigger and long-lasting change.

“When we get involved in global citizenship issues, we do increase the awareness of OMERS, which helps us when we’re working with like-minded institutions.”

Plan Advocacy and Social Value – Enhance research and work related to the social value of defined benefit plans. Provide value and support to plan members, outside of monthly pension payments.

Blake Hutcheson, President & CEO:
“I think that people really want to be part of an organization genuine in their character and really wanting to treat people well and give people real opportunities.”

Inclusion and Diversity – Passionate about inclusion and advocate for Inclusion and Diversity across our network.

Judine Allen, Manager, Investment Finance and Special Advisor, Black Community, Multicultural Alliance ERG:
“Where we work is our home away from home, we have to transform our organization to become inclusive of one and all.”

Environment Impact – Create responsible workplaces that look to reduce our impact to the environment.

Winner: IPE Global Real Estate Investor 2020, GRESB #1 Office Retail 2020, Fast Company Top Innovative Companies 2020
23% reduction in carbon since 2015
9% of buildings are powered by low-carbon energy
10% reduction in water since 2015
60% diversion from landfill

Michael Turner, President, Oxford Properties & Global Head of Real Estate:
“These recognitions for me it’s an affirmation that our strategy’s working, that we have the best people in the business, and not only are we recognizing it, but the external marketplace is as well.”

Growth and Development – Invest our people to provide opportunities for them to develop and grow.

Skyler Almquist, Associate, Private Equity:
“Volunteering, having that tangible impact, has always been a very important part of my family. I love that my work at iMentor in helping youth is directly aligned with Purpose@Work.”

Health and Wellness – Develop a best -in-class, holistic approach to wellness that supports our employees and members.

Nancy Nazer, Chief Human Resources Officer:
“I’m very fortunate to be in a place that makes people our first priority. Your well-being is a priority for us, we are at our best when you are at your best.”