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Purpose@Work Video 2 Transcript

Michael Kelly, Chief Legal & Corporate Affairs Officer, OMERS:
"Our core purpose is actually quite clear, and that is to fulfill the pension promise and to pay
pensions for our members. But we thought about well, what are some ancillary purposes that really help us to engage our employees across OMERS in terms of meaning and purpose at work?

David Marrello, Associate Director, OMERS Growth Equity and Co-Founder, TechServeTO:
"When the COVID pandemic hit, it hit me really hard. I saw people suffering out there. And I started to think to myself, what kind of impact can I have to help other people during this time of crisis, I saw my grandparents fiddling around with technology one day, you know, they were struggling to set up a zoom call to talk to their cousins. And I thought to myself, how many people out there like them, and you know, being a technology investor by background.

This further inspired me to find a solution that connected people who had expertise and those that needed it. And so I founded TechServe TO in wake of this TechServe TO is an organization that pairs willing millennial volunteers with older adults so that the millennials can help them resolve their tech issues through telephonic calls."

"People are really looking at the communities in which they work. And they're trying to think like, what is it that I can give back in terms of not just my day to day work, but other things that we can do as a community really of 3000 people at OMERS."

Skyler Almquist, Associate, OMERS Private Equity and Mentor at iMentor:
"I am a student mentor, I'm paired with a student named Gabriel Guzman. He is originally from Venezuela. I go up there about once a month.

We walk through all his goals. We've recently gotten him into a top University here in the US. And I find the work with Gabriel to be not only inspiring to him, but it's inspiring for me as well."

Dolly Teh, Executive Assistant, OMERS Capital Markets and Child Sponsor:
"My family and I are very blessed to have the lives we have now. My hope is to see others in need get the same opportunities. I've been sponsoring this little girl since 2018. Her name is Celine. We write to each other every month. Reading the letters always put a smile on my face. Because I've learned so much about Celine for the past two years and to know that my sponsorship goes a long way for her and her family but it only takes so little on my part. I'm so happy that education is aligned with Purpose at Work."

"Getting out there in our communities really enhances our impact in the community and that can only help us because we are part of our communities."