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OMERS Sustainable Investing Video Transcript

The world is changing and so is our role as an investor


We are deeply committed to creating value today for the secure retirement of our members

For them, for their families

How we do it is evolving

Quickly becoming a leader in sustainable investing

With a portfolio built for the future

Knowing it will perform better over the long term

We carefully assess risks and opportunities that may impact our portfolio, ensuring strong outcomes for generations to come

Joining forces with future-focused leaders, we’re collectively working to make a bigger impact

Climate change is one of the defining issues of our time

As an institutional investor, we have an important role to play as the world transitions to a lower carbon economy

Our portfolio of investments is hard at work building a better future from the ground up

Oxford properties is a recognized leader in sustainability

Ranking in the top 3% globally on sustainability, GRESB

Through our investment in Environment Resource Management (ERM), we actively develop sustainability blueprints for global businesses

Our investment in Bruce Power helped Ontario in its journey to eliminate coal and reduce smog days

Every day we search the globe for great companies

Growing them into industry leaders built for success

We come to work so that you can trust in your future