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Member Stories

Member Story: Ray Marentette

With the launch of this OMERS Community page, we asked our members to share their stories and perspectives with us by answering three questions. We heard back from Ray Marentette and wanted to share his experience, and invitation!

What have you been doing to help get through this challenging time?

I began a Facebook Group site called “The Royal Academy of Octogenarian Cyclists." To date we have 111 worldwide members whereas only two from Ontario. I would like to invite all OMERS members who are octogenarian or nonagenarian cyclists to join us on Facebook. Great opportunity to encourage octogenarian cyclists to get out and enjoy the outdoors while keeping fit and active without concern of age.

Name 3 things that have put a smile on your face in the last month:

  1. Having our neighbours, friends and relatives reach out to offer purchasing our groceries etc.

  2. Baking and preparing meals with great success has brought us much satisfaction.

  3. Receiving phone visitations from family and friends.       

Tell us about a heartwarming story you’ve heard in your community recently!

We have a dentist friend bring us a supply of face mask and gloves knowing that we have underlying issues and we must stay safe.  

Ray Marentette

Ray, thank you for reaching out to us. Your cycling club is an inspiration and a great reminder to stay active! We wish you all the best with your group and are thrilled to hear that those around you are providing some help as we work our way through these times together.

We also really like your one rule for your cycling group’s Facebook page: “Be Kind and Courteous with no politics. We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.”

Share your story with us.