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Investment Analyst Rotation Program Video Transcript

My name is Jacob Robinson. I was hired about 18 months ago in the August of 2018. As part of the first cohort of the investment analyst rotational program.

And I'll be rotating through infrastructure ventures and private equity.

This was an easy choice for me thought it was a unique program where I'm able to experience a lot more than I would if I had gone the traditional route.

So it was one of those really appealing aspects for me.

I definitely hit the ground running.

And I've been able to work with the deal team and supporting an investment pursuit going through qualitative research, but also providing support and technical analysis where it can as well.

There’s a lot of both formal and informal opportunities to be able to network with other analysts in the program.

We've been assigned a business case to work on. So as a group, we have this group assignment, where over the course of the two years, we’ll work to present some sort of business case that eventually we'll showcase to the executive team, which I think is an interesting opportunity for us to collaborate.

Of course, outside of work hours, there's always times where we like to get together and just kind of discuss our different rotations and say, what we like what we don't like and where we all think we're going to end up at the end of the two years.