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Introducing Dr. Aw

Dr Aw headshot in a circle

Dr. James Aw

Chief Medical Officer

Speaking on his first day at OMERS, Dr. Aw, a physician since 1991 and son of a federal public servant and pensioner, said that what drew him to OMERS was both its reputation as a well-run organization and the opportunity to contribute across the OMERS Community.

“This is a golden age of medicine right now in terms of innovation with genetics, genomics, big data, artificial intelligence, different health care systems, molecular medicine, immunology. There are a lot of interesting things that have an impact on the big scale, but also on the local scale. It is also the age of the internet – and with way too much information, how do you connect with people to provide them with information that is impactful in language that is easy to understand.”

Dr. Aw has been a valued and trusted source of information, insight and guidance during the current COVID-19 crisis and we look forward to sharing his thoughts with you here.

Watch Conversations With Dr. Aw

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