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Inclusion & Diversity

OMERS is committed to having a team that reflects the communities in which we live and work. As an organization, we are focusing our efforts on recognizing the diverse talents that drive our business forward. Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) at OMERS means we respect and value the broadest range of experiences, geographies, genders, ethnicities and perspectives as key elements of our culture.

OMERS Inclusion & Diversity strategy is governed by a global I&D Council and senior leaders, and is supported by business-level committees and employee resource groups globally. Rooted in building a strong culture of belonging within our communities, the strategy focuses on embedding inclusion into our business strategy, building inclusive leadership skills within the organization, seeking and accelerating diverse talent, and more.

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Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) reflect the diverse communities and cultures celebrated throughout our organization. OMERS ERGs are part of the foundation of our inclusive culture; they activate our Inclusion & Diversity strategy by creating a sense of community, building awareness and education, and celebrating our sense of belonging.

Our Employee Resource Groups are inclusive of all people and welcome individuals who identify as well as allies alike.

Multicultural Alliance – OMERS Multicultural Alliance is a group that engages our BIPOC employees, and allies, in education and action. The mission is to promote equality for all while celebrating cultural diversity, while having authentic discussions to inform decision-making, and encouraging an environment of inclusion and opportunity. 

Indigenous Peoples Alliance – The Indigenous Peoples Alliance is a community of Indigenous employees and non-Indigenous employee allies working together to support each other, raise awareness across the enterprise on the issues faced by Indigenous people in society, and educate around indigenous culture. Through partnership opportunities and awareness, this group is focused on helping to attract Indigenous talent to the enterprise.

DiversAbilities – The DiversAbilities group seeks to eliminate stereotypes and stigma associated with both visual and non-visual disabilities in the workplace. Through engagement, awareness, education, coaching and accommodation, this group is focused on creating a culture that is accessible to all and lessening the stigma around mental health.

Briefcase Parents – Briefcase Parents offers a place for the many working parents at OMERS. The group’s mission is to create a work culture that recognizes and celebrates the multifaceted lives that parents bring to work and enables parents to feel successful at OMERS, by providing an ecosystem of engagement, communication, and support tools and events.