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How to Become an OMERS Employer

  1. Contact OMERS

    An assigned OMERS representative will answer your questions and send you a participation questionnaire. Send an email to OMERS to start the process.

  2. Send OMERS your completed questionnaire

    Submit a completed participation questionnaire along with requested supporting documentation to OMERS.

  3. Eligibility review by OMERS

    OMERS will contact you and advise whether your organization is eligible.

  4. Draft by-law/resolution

    OMERS provides a draft by-law/resolution for you to complete and submit to OMERS for review.

  5. Your board passes by-law/resolution

    Return a certified copy of the by-law/resolution to OMERS along with supporting documents.

  6. Offer OMERS membership to your current eligible employees

    • If an employee declines, get a signed waiver to keep in your permanent records.

    • Employees who decline can join the OMERS Plan at any point in the future provided they continue to be eligible.

  7. Member set-up

    Enrol members in the OMERS Pension Plan and begin remitting contributions.

  8. Employer set-up

    OMERS helps you set up your pension administration processes.

  9. Ongoing pension administration

    An assigned OMERS representative will be available to help you with every step of the process and with your ongoing pension administration.