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Healthy Outcomes

OMERS reflections on a new report by The National Institute on Ageing looking at the impact of a secure and stable income in retirement on health

To better understand the relationship between having a secure and stable income in retirement and the health of Canadians, OMERS sponsored new research by the National Institute on Ageing, a think tank at Toronto Metropolitan University focused on the realities of Canada’s ageing population.

The report, Healthy Outcomes: Understanding the Impact of Adequate, Stable and Secure Retirement Income on the Ability of Canadians to Age Well and in the Right Place, reviewed the impact that financial security in retirement has on the health and well-being of Canadians and found that an adequate, stable and secure income in later life supports good health and well-being as well as ageing in the right place.

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“As a defined benefit pension plan, we are proud to provide a meaningful source of retirement income to our members,” said Celine Chiovitti, Executive Vice President and Head of Pensions at OMERS. “It is important for Canadians to have access to a stable and secure source of income in their later years to support their health and well-being.”