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Your employees can join as soon as your organization becomes an OMERS employer.

Note: If you qualify as an associated employer, see Eligible organizations and employees for a description of employees who are eligible to join.

Your current eligible employees have the option to join OMERS. As soon as you become an OMERS employer, you must offer OMERS membership to these eligible employees. Employees who decline can join OMERS at any point in the future provided they continue to be eligible and employed by an OMERS employer.

For your future permanent, full-time employees, enrolment in OMERS will be mandatory upon hire. Depending on your OMERS participation by-law/resolution, for your future employees (e.g., contract, part-time and seasonal employees), enrolment will either be mandatory upon hire, or they will have the option to join OMERS on a voluntary basis following their date of hire.

For more information about offering membership, see Offering OMERS Membership and for more information about non-full-time employees, see OMERS Membership for Non-Full-Time Employees FAQs.

Contact us and we’ll send you a short questionnaire to complete. Please also see Eligible organizations and employees for a high-level description of employers and employees who are eligible to join.

Members contribute a percentage of their contributory earnings in each pay period to help pay for their future pension and their OMERS employer also contributes an equal amount. These contributions will fund a portion of the member’s pension. Investment earnings of the OMERS Fund will fund the balance. See Contribution Rates ( for more information about current contribution rates.

You can use the Employer Cost Estimator to estimate the cost of contributions that would be required by your organization.