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member headshots

Erin and Kim 

Town of Renfew

Erin: I truly enjoy everything about what I do as an account clerk. If I can put a smile on peoples' faces, I know I've done a good job.

In retirement, I hope my family and I can enjoy outdoor activities – the type of stuff I can’t do when I'm working.

Kim: I'm lucky to live and work in a small community while raising a family.

OMERS provides me with the ability to look at a retirement plan that allows me to enjoy some things I haven’t been able to do in my working life. It’s a Plan that will provide for me and my family – it gives security and peace of mind.

Social Value of the Plan

The OMERS defined benefit plan isn’t just important to our members. Research confirms that the OMERS Plan generates social and economic value for communities in Ontario, underscoring the importance of preserving OMERS as a defined benefit pension plan.