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Disability Process Improvements

Thank you to everyone who provided input and helped us with our disability review.

The following process changes go into effect on July 1, 2018:

  • All employers must notify OMERS once the disability elimination period is fulfilled – i.e., submit a Request for an OMERS Plan Benefit (e-Form 143) once the member on disability leave reaches the first day of the fifth month following the initial date of disability.

  • OMERS will then reach out to members directly to let them know what information they need to provide to assess their benefit.

  • OMERS will require members to send their written election before proceeding with the disability application.

  • An additional medical review will be undertaken within the first 24 months a member is on disability waiver of contributions (disability waiver).

  • A review will be completed every 24 months for members who are permanently approved for a disability waiver or disability pension.

  • Members on disability waiver who are deemed permanently disabled will be provided the option to go on a disability pension at any point in time.

  • Regular and consistent follow-ups with members and employers are being implemented to help members make timely and informed decisions.

  • The Notice of rehabilitative work – Form 152 has been changed to reflect that employers now only need to confirm that rehabilitative work meets OMERS definitions.

  • OMERS will support rehabilitative work plans when the:

    • employer verifies it meets the definition of rehabilitative work; and

    • member provides medical evidence supporting the need for rehabilitative work; and

    • rehabilitative work period falls within two years of the initial return-to-work date.

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