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Changes Under Consideration

As part of its commitment to keep stakeholders informed, as a general rule, any OMERS Primary Pension Plan (Plan) change proposals that the OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC) considers are posted for information. The annual decision-making process, which occurs during a defined period, can be found here.

Some Plan changes may be considered outside the annual decision-making process due to exceptional circumstances should they comply with Section 6.2 of By-Law No. 12 and meet the following criteria:

  • Failure to adopt the specified change immediately will result in hardship to Plan members, retirees or employers because of a condition or circumstance not previously recognized by the AC or the SC.

  • Such specified change would not involve material changes in contribution levels of, or materially affect the funding of, the Plan.

Technical Plan changes may also be considered outside of the annual decision-making process, provided the requirements under Section 6.3 of By-Law No. 12 are met.