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City of Toronto | 17 years

I was with Toronto Public Health for 17 years and am now working at People, Equity and Human Rights as a Senior Consultant in Corporate Learning. I feel like I make a difference. We are progressive, innovative and seen as leaders in our field.

In my spare time, I hang out with my family (partner and two young kids). We like to bike, hike, camp, and explore new places.​

Peace of mind and greater connection to my community is important to my retirement. I want to unplug from the 9-5 and enjoy being present and spontaneous. Knowing how much money I will have annually from my pension is very freeing and empowering.​

I see how my retired peers are living and want that for myself one day. I am hopeful my OMERS pension will open many opportunities for new ideas/adventures.​

A multi-country backpacking adventure with my husband is on my bucket list. Both of us come from families where backpacking after high school or in your 20s was not an option.  When my kids are a bit older, I would love to do this!​

Social Value of the Plan

The OMERS defined benefit plan isn’t just important to our members. Research confirms that the OMERS Plan generates social and economic value for communities in Ontario, underscoring the importance of preserving OMERS as a defined benefit pension plan.