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City of Barrie | 7 years

I have worked for the City of Barrie for just over 14 months. I am proud of the people I work with and how we can see our work every day in our municipality.​

I spend my spare time playing sports, such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, snowboarding and have recently joined a dodgeball team. I enjoy going for walks along the waterfront with my boyfriend.​

My OMERS pension ensures that I have the stability for a home base and affords us able to travel.​

I am looking forward to slowing down and taking my time in places I visit and enjoying my home, family and friends. I would love to go up north and explore the Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories!

Social Value of the Plan

The OMERS defined benefit plan isn’t just important to our members. Research confirms that the OMERS Plan generates social and economic value for communities in Ontario, underscoring the importance of preserving OMERS as a defined benefit pension plan.