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Pension Calculation Examples

As a non-full-time (NFT) employee, you may be asking yourself, if I join the OMERS Plan, what will the contribution deductions from my paycheque look like and what monthly pension could I expect after my working career?

The following examples provide high-level illustrations of what OMERS Plan contributions and pension benefits may look like for NFT employees in different situations.

Before diving into these examples, it's important to visit the Contribution Rates page and How your pension grows section of the OMERS Member Handbook to learn about the detailed formulas used in these calculations. Reviewing the Member Handbook will also help you understand how career and life changes could impact your OMERS Plan benefit.

Please keep in mind that these examples are provided for illustrative purposes only and include a number of assumptions. Actual OMERS Plan benefits and contributions are determined in accordance with the OMERS Plan documents and the terms of applicable legislation at the relevant time. Individual member benefits also depend on personal circumstances, including a member's length of participation in the OMERS Plan and contributory earnings. As a result, you should not rely on these estimates as advice.

Nazia image

A seasonal employee who works full-time three months of each year

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Sandeep image

A municipal employee who works part-time 12 months of each year

Meet Sandeep
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A school board employee who works during the school year (10 months each year)

Meet Ellen