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OMERS in Asia Pacific video transcript

There's a couple of things that really make OMERS stand out,

we got a very clearly defined purpose, right

managing capital on behalf of

you know, our half a million members.

I joined OMERS primarily because

it's a mission driven organisation.

I love the culture, which thrives on

excellence, humility and inclusivity.

Sitting in Sydney and Singapore,

we're a long way away from Ontario.

However, ultimately we are here to help pay pensions

for OMERS five hundred thousand plus members in Ontario.

We're here in Asia PAC,

because the region brings a

broader suite of opportunities for the pension plan.

Both in terms of diversification,

but also risk-adjusted returns

that come from the higher growth.

We're really excited about the Asian investment opportunity

and the potential that the region offers.

About 40% of global GDP growth

globally over the next 10 years

is expected to come from Asia,

and we want to be well-positioned

to participate in

and capture that growth.

So I think, you know, OMERS really stands out

for our long term permanent capital

and that enables us to be

very patient investors.

When you think about us as a firm,

we are highly collaborative,

and also we are industry experts.

It's a the team of asset management that we bring across

our broader portfolio,

bring those to the deals and make sure that we

follow through and deliver on the investment mandate

by tapping into a broad pool of resources and

experience from our global operations.

I think if you spoke to any of our company CEOs today,

they would probably tell you that

we're a very reliable partner.

What we do gives growth and diversification

to the OMERS plan

and this helps us generate higher returns

in a more secure pension future for our members.

OMERS is a very high performance culture.

We value diverse perspectives,

I think we seek to review and collate

as many sort of diverse perspectives as possible

to arrive at the investment decision

that will work best for the members at OMERS.

But the most important part, I would say, is

the great set of people, which we have in the office.

The values of the organisation matches my

own values and that's very important for me.

So investing into sectors that we know well

enables us to earn the right

to sit next to CEOs and management teams

in terms of setting the strategy and direction

for companies' next leg of growth.

The interactions with us are

interactions with a very professional and agile team,

a team that values partnerships

and the team that should get the first call

and be the preferred partner.