Sharing Information with Employers

September 25, 2018
We work closely with your employer to administer your OMERS pension. Employers who participate in the OMERS Pension Plan do not always have direct access to information about their employees’ employment-related pension entitlements, but may need this information for workforce and succession planning, and for the purposes of other employment-related benefit plans.
To help employers with this important planning, in addition to sharing information for the ongoing administration of the OMERS Plan, we may share general demographic and workforce information with employers. We may also share more specific information about you, such as your enrolment date, unreduced early retirement date, normal retirement date, and service information, with your current and any OMERS past employers. In addition, where employer benefit plans integrate with the OMERS Plan (for example, as an offset to a long-term disability plan or insurance benefit that is a multiple of your pension), we may provide your employer with information to allow them to administer those plans in accordance with their terms.
If you wish to opt out of such sharing of information, please contact OMERS Client Services at 1-800-387-0813.
OMERS is committed to preserving the privacy of your personal data. Our Privacy Statement elaborates on this commitment.