myOMERS helps members and lets me focus on bigger issues, says OMERS employer

July 01, 2016

Kristen Andrews, Pension and Benefits Assistant is the sole benefit administrator for the City of Barrie. "OMERS administration is the biggest part of my position," Kristen says. "I do everything related to OMERS, from enrolments and contribution remittances to disabilities and retirements."

Kristen says that the best part of the job is helping people. "It's always great to be able to answer questions, and usually people are happy with the answers because they are not aware of the benefits."

When a new permanent employee is hired, Kristen meets with the employee and goes through all of their benefits, including OMERS. "I encourage them to sign up for myOMERS and e-subscription, and I follow up with a reminder email.

"myOMERS saves time." Kristen says. "I've noticed that people ask fewer questions when they are on myOMERS. They can easily update their address and keep on top of their pension.

"myOMERS helps members and lets me focus on bigger issues. I wish more people would use it." To encourage people to sign up, Kristen tells employees to use myOMERS the same way that you would access other benefits, such as health and dental, online.

Kristen Andrews has worked for the City of Barrie for almost two years. "We are a growing city and we see a lot more people coming in. Most employees are really excited to have an employer-matched pension plan like OMERS."

As an OMERS member herself, Kristen says that OMERS means peace of mind in retirement. "It gives me comfort to know that I will have a source of lifetime income when I retire, and that if I become ill or injured there are measures in place."

When asked what's important to her outside of work, Kristen responds "friends and family and being environmentally friendly." She is also an avid snowboarder and wake boarder, and she loves being outdoors in nature and to travel.