Daryl's Story

 Video transcript
My name is Darrell Novak. I recently retired from Southern Ontario Library Service where I was Director of Operations. I have thirty three and a half years in the OMERS pension plan. One of the things that I would spend time with with our staff members on is in fact giving them an overview of things like what a maximum pension versus an unreduced pension. I would try to give it overview and direct people to myOMERS, to the site and to the staff members at client services who are always willing to answer the phone and always patient and thorough with with people. I think one of the biggest challenges is pensions period. Because you have young people who in many cases think why am I having make these contributions and it's a challenge to explain to them what their lives are going to be like thirty or forty years later. One of the things I always say when we're hiring or recruiting is I always talk about the benefits and the fact that the whole benefits package. when you add the owners component in there the benefit package represents roughly twenty five to thirty percent on top of one salary. I remember once talking to someone who that had the option of cashing the plan out which at a certain point as a young person she did and I said well when you took that money out what was the for what did you do with it? And she said well, I needed a new car. And I said after looking at some of the numbers I said I hope it was a really nice car because I think that car cost you roughly a hundred thousand dollars.