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myOMERS tools

Retirement Income Estimator – estimates in minutes!
  • Find out how much you might receive from your OMERS pension and other retirement income.
  • It provides your milestone dates – e.g., the date you become eligible for an unreduced pension or your early retirement birthday, or you can pick other dates you have in mind.
  • You can add your personal savings, AVCs, CPP, Old Age Security to get the bigger picture.
  • And, the after-tax comparison gives you a snapshot of your estimated net (after tax) income – before and after retirement – to help with your planning.

Buy-back Calculator

  • Thinking about buying service? Use the Buy-back Calculator to get your personalized buy-back package.
  • The package includes the cost and info you need to help you decide if buying service is right for you, plus forms and instructions.


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