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With myOMERS you can:

  • go paperless;
  • update or designate a beneficiary;
  • view your pension information;
  • manage your AVC account;
  • calculate buy-back purchases;
  • estimate your retirement income;
  • print your T4A (retired members only); and/or
  • change your tax (retired members only).

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  1. Visit to activate your personal account.
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What does myOMERS offer?

NEW! Update Your Beneficiary Online

View beneficiary information.Have your reviewed your beneficiary information lately? Login to myOMERS now to view, edit, or designate a beneficiary and help prepare a secure future for your loved ones.

Retirement Income Estimator – estimates in minutes!

Retirement Income Estimator icon.Using your milestone dates or you other dates you have in mind, find out how much you might receive from your OMERS pension. Include any person savings like AVCs, CPP, or Old Age Security, for a bigger picture of your future retirement. 

Buy-Back Calculator

Buy-back Calculator icon.Thinking about buying service? Use the Buy-back Calculator to get your personalized buy-back package. This package includes the cost and information you need to help decide if buying service is right for you, along with any forms and instructions.



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