Financial Planning in Retirement

Financial planning can help you get the most out of your money and reach your goals after you retire. Need help? Find financial planning basics below, and information on OMERS-related issues including tax and your OMERS pension, and survivor benefits.

The basics

Learn the basics of financial planning and where you stand, so you can find a financial plan that works for you. 
Learn about financial planning

How much will you need?

Find out how to create a budget – the cornerstone of any financial plan. 
Learn how to create a budget

Government benefits

The federal government has several retirement benefit programs, including CPP, OAS, GIS, and the Allowance.
Learn about government benefits

Tax and your OMERS pension

Find out how tax credits and deductions can help maximize your money.
Learn about taxes and your pension

Pension income splitting

Retired couples can reduce their overall taxes by splitting their pension income. 
Learn about pension income splitting

Estate planning

Find out how your OMERS survivor benefits fit into the estate planning process. 
Learn about estate planning