Tax and Your OMERS Pension

Information about income tax and your OMERS pension is valuable. 

Be sure to make use of all available tax credits and deductions to help maximize your money. For example:

  • Once you turn 65, you may be eligible for the federal age tax credit.
  • As a retiree, you may qualify for HST credits.
  • When you withdraw income from a RRIF or other plan, keep in mind that this income could impact your eligibility for government programs such as age credits, HST credits, the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) and more. Always check first.

The tax withheld from your OMERS pension is based on your monthly pension payments, your federal and provincial income tax forms (TD1) or country of residence information, and any additional tax you've asked us to withhold. 

To update your federal and provincial income tax information, complete and send OMERS the TD1 forms.

Income tax slips (T4A or NR4)

OMERS will send you a tax slip for your OMERS pension (retirement, survivor or disability pension) by the end of February each year. The tax slip is your official proof of income for tax purposes. It shows the total amount of pension paid to you during the previous calendar year and the total tax deducted. 

Tax slips are mailed to your principal (home) address.

  • T4A: If you reside in Canada, we will mail a T4A slip to your home address.
  • NR4: If you reside outside Canada, we will mail an NR4 slip to your home address.

If you haven't received your tax slip by early March, contact OMERS Member Services; we will confirm your mailing address and send you another slip.

  • As a registered myOMERS user, you can reprint your T4A tax slips online.
  • If part of your pension is paid from the Retirement Compensation Arrangement (RCA), we will send you separate tax slips for the portion paid from the OMERS Primary Plan and for the portion paid from the RCA.

Tax slips for payments to a former spouse

  • If OMERS pays a portion of your pension directly to your former spouse, we will send the former spouse a tax slip for the amount paid. That amount will not appear on your tax slip, as it's a reduction in your OMERS pension income.
  • If you have arranged to pay your former spouse yourself (without OMERS involvement), your full OMERS pension income will appear on your tax slip.

Additional income tax deductions

Income tax is deducted from your OMERS pension as required by the CRA. You can also arrange to have OMERS deduct additional tax from your monthly payments. For example, if your total income puts you into a higher tax bracket, increasing the tax at source may help you avoid a big bill at tax time. We recommend discussing your overall tax situation with a tax adviser or the CRA. 

To request or to change the additional amount of tax withheld from your monthly pension payments

There are several ways to change your tax:
  • Change your tax online at
  • Sign and submit a Changing Information (retired member/survivor) form to OMERS.
  • Send OMERS a signed letter, with your full name (printed), OMERS reference number (or social insurance number), and the total additional monthly amount you want withheld.

If you receive more than one OMERS pension (e.g., from OMERS Primary Plan and from the RCA) you will need to submit a separate additional tax request for each pension.

Basic personal amount

The basic personal amount is the income threshold at which CRA begins to deduct taxes. This amount is indexed to inflation, based on the Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI) as reported by Statistics Canada. An increase in the basic personal amount means a greater portion of your pension income is not taxed. Visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at for the current basic personal amount.

Tax and retro-payments

A retro-payment is likely be taxed at a higher rate than monthly pension payments. The tax on monthly payments is calculated on an annualized basis using a blended tax rate. Each portion of the monthly pension payment is placed into the applicable tax bracket, as set out by the CRA. 

Have a look at these sample tax rates:

Tax and Retro Payments: Sample tax rates
10% for annual income up to $30,000 20% for annual income from $30,000 to $60,000 30% for annual income over $60,000
For a $3,000 monthly pension payment ($36,000 annually), a portion is taxed at 10% and a portion is taxed at 20%. A retro-payment of $3,500 would be taxed at 20% because it falls in the $30,000 to $60,000 income range. 

When you file your tax return, your total OMERS income, including the retro-payment, is factored in with the tax paid for the year. If your tax paid is in excess of what is required on your income from all sources (e.g., CPP, OAS, RRIFs, etc.), you would get a refund from CRA.