Joining the OMERS Plan

OMERS is a defined benefit pension plan, which means you can expect a predictable monthly income for life. Together with government benefits and your savings, your OMERS Plan pension can grow into an important financial asset and play a key role in your financial and retirement security.

Full-time employees

If you’re a permanent, full-time employee (also called continuous full-time), you automatically become a member of the OMERS Plan on the date you are hired by a participating employer, or on the date you become full-time. You remain a member even if you change from full-time to part-time.

Other-than-continuous full-time

You’re an other-than-continuous full-time employee if, for example, you work less than a full work week or you are a 10-month, contract or seasonal employee.
You either:
  • join the OMERS Plan when you are hired (if it is your employer’s policy); or
  • choose to join the OMERS Plan when you become eligible.
You become eligible and may choose to join if you meet one of the following conditions in both the previous two calendar years with any OMERS participating employer:
  • you worked at least 700 hours; or
  • you earned at least 35% of the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) earnings limit.
Once you become a member, you remain in the OMERS Plan even if your work hours or income fall below the eligibility requirements, or if your work status changes to or from full-time.