Returned e-Form

If you submit an e-Form to OMERS that we cannot process because information is incomplete or incorrect, we will return it to you, along with an e-Correspondence describing the issue.

How e-Form returns work

  • You submit an e-Form to OMERS, but some information is missing or incorrect and we cannot process the e-Form without it.
  • We will return the e-Form to you, along with an e-Correspondence describing what is missing or incorrect. The returned e-Form will contain all the data that was in the e-Form that you originally submitted to us.
  • Returned e-Forms will show in the e-Correspondence subject field.

Returning the incomplete e-Form to you with an e-Correspondence lets us keep all your data in one place for easy reference. When the e-Form is resubmitted, a new summary document is produced with updated information; and the e-Correspondence is available to all e-access users in your group.

Note: Remember to check your e-Correspondence to view a Returned e-Form located under the Subject heading.

How to handle returned e-Forms

  • Read the attached e-Correspondence.
  • Retrieve the e-Form using the Request not yet submitted to OMERS search.
  • Make the necessary corrections and resubmit the e-Form to OMERS. OMERS will validate the information on the resubmitted e-Form, process the request, and resolve the e-Correspondence.
  • If we have further questions, we will contact you to resolve them.


  • Is a safe and secure communication channel within e-access.
  • Automatically creates an electronic “paper trail”; information is attached to the member’s record.
  • Can be viewed by any e-access user in your group; if the sender of the e-Form request is away, another e-access user can carry on with the process.