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Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) reflect the diverse communities and cultures celebrated throughout our organization. OMERS ERGs are part of the foundation of our inclusive culture; they activate our Inclusion & Diversity strategy by creating a sense of community, building awareness and education, and celebrating our sense of belonging.

Our Employee Resource Groups are inclusive of all people and welcome individuals who identify as well as allies alike.

Women @ OMERS – Women at OMERS is a resource group that provides employees a platform to network and engage in open dialogue about topics that enable women in the workplace as well as promote gender diversity. Through this group, our team members participate in events and initiatives that educate, inform and help promote an inclusive work environment.

Multicultural Alliance – OMERS Multicultural Alliance is a group that engages our BIPOC employees, and allies, in education and action. The mission is to promote equality for all while celebrating cultural diversity, while having authentic discussions to inform decision-making, and encouraging an environment of inclusion and opportunity. 

Briefcase Parents – Briefcase Parents offers a place for the many working parents at OMERS. The group’s mission is to create a work culture that recognizes and celebrates the multifaceted lives that parents bring to work and enables parents to feel successful at OMERS, by providing an ecosystem of engagement, communication, and support tools and events.

Pride @  OMERS – Pride at OMERS provides support, networking, and growth opportunities for our LGBTQ+ employees, friends, and allies. The mission is to foster an inclusive environment that recognizes and celebrates the diverse views of OMERS LGBTQ+ community, where everyone feels welcome and has a safe space to be their authentic selves.