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Vision and Mission


To be a leader in Sustainable Investing, to better protect and generate superior value for our members over the long term.


Four overarching strategies guide our approach to sustainable investing: Integration, Engagement, Collaboration and Adaptation:

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  • Integrating ESG factors into our investment analysis provides a more holistic view of value and risk

  • We proactively identify and assess ESG factors throughout the investment lifecycle of our assets

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  • We favour engagement over divestment in managing ESG related risks

  • We actively engage with our portfolio companies on ESG factors to improve outcomes and enhance value

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  • Collaborating with like-minded organizations creates a more powerful voice and influence on sustainable investing practices

  • We work with peers and partners to advocate for better performance, management and disclosure across ESG factors

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  • Leadership in sustainable investing requires a nimble mindset to adapt to emerging issues

  • We continually advance our capabilities and practices to deepen our knowledge of Sustainable Investing in the interests of our members