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Offering OMERS Membership

Employers must offer membership in the OMERS Plan to(OTCFT) employees (otherwise referred to as non-full-time employees) who are not required to join the OMERS Plan as a condition of employment. For more information about the process for offering membership to OTCFT employees, see Section of the Employer Administration Manual.

Inform and Educate Your Employees

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Handout for new hires (8.5" x 11") .pdf
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  • Give a copy to your new OTCFT employees who are not required to join the OMERS Plan.

  • Post in your lunch room, bulletin boards or other areas.

If you prefer, you can order large (11'' x 17'') posters.

Resources for Offering OMERS Membership

To offer membership to your OTCFT employee, provide a copy of the cover letter, OMERS Member Handbook and the Offer of OMERS membership: non-full-time employee form (Form 104)

You can order print copies of the Member Handbook by filling out this form.

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Offer of membership cover letter template .docx
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