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Request an Info Session for your Members

Complete the form below to have an OMERS representative contact you about setting up an information session for your members.
We are happy to customize the session to your needs. Topics covered are suitable for all OMERS members, regardless of age or years of service, and include the following:

  • How your OMERS pension is calculated

  • How the OMERS bridge benefit works

  • How your OMERS pension is protected from inflation

  • How the OMERS Fund is performing

  • How buying or transferring service can increase your future pension and may help you retire sooner

  • How Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) work

  • How OMERS survivor benefit entitlement is determined

A minimum number of attendees may be required. There is no maximum number of attendees, provided all are comfortably accommodated.

Information sessions are offered to our employers free of charge.