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Building Resilience

How to build resilience during this time

The current state of our world is unclear and unknown. Life still continues to move forward, and you still have bills to pay, groceries to buy, children and others in your life to care for, balanced with ongoing workloads. With all of that in mind, how do you build resilience?

  • Be open

    • Accept challenging experiences and thoughts instead of trying to suppress them

    • Recognize we have these experiences and see them for what they are

    • When having a challenging thought or feeling, acknowledge it for what it is instead of struggling with it

  • Be aware

    • Be fully present in the moment

    • In times of stress, it is very easy to get caught up in our own thoughts, as well as the past

    • Bring yourself to the present by focusing on your breathing which will help ground you

  • Be engaged

    • It is easy to lose sight of those things that are important to you

    • Take this time to consider your values and the areas of life that are important to you

    • Do not only identify them, but act on them

    • If having a greater connection to family or friends is important to you – reach out, set up a video conference, text, or email

  • Be self-compassionate – give yourself a break

    • Recognize that these are trying and difficult times

    • Be kind to yourself, recognize our common humanity, and be mindful

    • Give yourself grace, and recognize that we are all human and experience challenges

  • Practice gratitude

    • Gratitude is extremely beneficial to people’s wellbeing

    • While times are challenging, gratitude serves as a beacon of hope

    • Try different ways to express gratitude

    • Journaling about things you are grateful for

    • Expressing gratitude to a loved one, a friend, or a co-worker