Stakeholder Requests for Plan Changes

Stakeholders, members and former plan members may submit a request for a plan change. Stakeholders include participating employers and organizations representing active and retired plan members and participating employers.

Requests are forwarded to the Plan Design Information Committee (PDIC) for further consideration. The PDIC does not make recommendations to the SC in relation to plan change proposals but is responsible for having any necessary analysis and information prepared for the SC.

The PDIC regularly reports to the SC on any proposals received, and will make an assessment of whether or not the proposal addresses the Funding Management Strategy (i.e. the proposal addresses the plan’s financial situation), or addresses some other issue.   If your proposal addresses actions required under the Funding Management Strategy, it will be reported to the SC for consideration under the related decision-making process.  If your proposal does not address the actions required under the Funding Management Strategy you will be asked to resubmit your proposal at the appropriate time.

If you have a suggestion that is not funding driven (i.e. Other Plan Changes) it will be reviewed by the PDIC for consideration and reporting to the SC.  From there the SC will consider the proposal and the rationale provided for the proposed change.  Proposals submitted before October 1 may be considered for decision in June of the following year.   Those received after October 1 will be deferred until the following year.

If you feel your proposal is time sensitive, please indicate this in your submission.

How to make a submission

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Stakeholder requests for plan changes should be submitted on the Stakeholder Request for a Plan Change Form. .pdf
(495 KB)

If you have any questions, please contact the SC Office.

Once the form has been completed and saved, email it to or mail it to
OMERS Sponsors Corporation,
900-100 Adelaide St W 
Toronto, ON M5H 0E2

Attention: Chris Vanden Haak, Vice President, Pension Strategy and Governance.