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What We Do

At the Sponsors Corporation (SC), we are accountable for what we call the “ABCs” of OMERS:

  • Appointments;

  • Benefits; and

  • Contributions. 

Specifically, we are solely responsible for:

  • Determining benefit levels and contribution rates for the Plans, and 

  • Setting compensation levels and appointment protocols for both the SC and OMERS Administration Corporation Boards.


The SC Board appoints members to both the SC and AC Board. For more information on the approach to appointments, please click here.

Benefits and contributions

With a focus on leading governance practices and disciplined decision-making, we are committed to supporting the financial health, relevance and long-term viability of the OMERS Plans. It is all about protecting the pension promise, with due consideration to the interests of the sponsors, stakeholders, employers and members – current and future.


Ensuring benefits and contribution rates are managed appropriately is vital to the health and long-term viability of the OMERS Pension Plans.

Learn more about our roadmap for managing plan funding

Other Plan Changes

There are other reasons that may cause benefits or plan terms to change, such as changes in pension legislation or when administration matters arise.

Learn more about other plan changes

Decision-Making Process

Plan change decisions made through an annual process.

Learn more about the decision-making process

Stakeholder Requests for Plan Changes

Here you will find the process to request Plan changes.

Make a request for plan changes