Long-Service Member

The charts below compare a long-service employee’s estimated pension under the current and proposed plans at three key ages: 55, 60 and 65. 
  • The dark blue bars represent the lifetime pension provided under the current plan – and the light blue bars represent the bridge benefit payable to age 65.
  • The bright orange bars represent the lifetime pension provided under the proposed plan – and the fainter orange bars represent the bridge.
  • The grey bar segments represent benefits from the Canada Pension Plan.
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See NRA 60: Long Service

As you can see, this member would be generally unaffected by the proposed plan changes – largely because the vast majority of her benefit will accrue under the current plan terms. Of interest, the member will be slightly better off if she retires at age 65 because of the enhanced CPP.

As a reminder, current guaranteed indexing and early retirement provisions are fully preserved for service earned prior to the amendment date.

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