Next Steps

What to expect in the coming months

Based on direct feedback from our sponsors and other key stakeholders, the Board has agreed to extend the timelines under its Standard Plan Change Process.The Board will also decide the timeline for any changes. There will be no changes implemented before the end of 2018 – and we don’t expect to see changes before 2021.

Potential Plan options, if any, will now be posted after the June SC Board meeting. Final changes will be voted on in November and, as always, any proposed changes must be approved by a 2/3rdmajority vote. These extended timelines will allow for additional outreach and consultation.

Your input needed

As part of the planning process, the SC board approved a formal engagement plan that involves direct outreach to sponsors, stakeholders, unions, employers and members. The purpose of this outreach is to give affected parties a voice in the process. It should also help us collect important data that could influence the decisions, if any, made by the SC Board in November. 
As part of our outreach, we will be conducting a series of webcasts starting in August that will involve a broad cross section of our members. Member consultation on the potential Plan design updates will further inform Board Directors as they consider these options.
All members will be invited to share their thoughts and questions during planned webcasts, online at, and by email at More information will be available in the coming months.


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions on our SC website. If you have a question you can’t find an answer to, send an email to

Keeping you informed
The SC website is your central information source for regular updates on the Comprehensive Plan Review. This site will be updated with our latest resources, including videos, newsletters and answers to member questions. Please visit the site at and check back from time to time for the latest news.