Managing the Headwinds

Five key realities facing the Plan

Change is very much a constant at OMERS. For more than 50 years, the OMERS Plan has evolved to address changing member needs, economic realities, regulatory and legislative updates, and shifting social and workplace trends.

Today is no different. OMERS – like most major defined benefit (DB) pension plans globally – faces some very real, longer-term challenges that will impact the Plan’s long-term sustainability, including:

  • a steadily maturing plan; 
  • longer life expectancy;
  • changing demographic and workplace trends; 
  • an increasingly uncertain economic environment; and
  • recent regulatory and legislative developments, including Canada Pension Plan (CPP) enhancements

For a full description of the individual headwinds, see “A work in progress” on page 2 of OMERS in a changing world (Sightlines 1) or watch our quick video.
Next Steps: What to expect in the coming months