Statements of Plan Design Objectives and Strategy

It is the responsibility of the OMERS Sponsors Corporation, which is made up of equal representation from members and employers, to decide when it is appropriate to change benefits, adjust contribution rates or some combination of both.  The Statement of Plan Design Objectives and Strategy documents fulfill a commitment made by the OMERS Sponsors Corporation in 2010 to develop and document protocols and methodology for future Plan decision-making.

The SC approved its amended and restated Statement of Plan Design Objectives and Strategy (the Primary Plan Statement) on October 22, 2014 and its RCA Statement of Plan Design Objectives and Strategy (the RCA Statement) on May 24, 2012. These documents are intended to provide a framework for effective decision-making regarding the funding of the Primary Plan and the RCA.

The statements form part of OMERS overall plan funding process for the Primary Plan and the RCA.

View the documents below:

Primary Plan

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Funding Management Strategy and Decision-Making Process .pdf
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Memorandum of Understanding

The OMERS Administration Corporation and the OMERS Sponsors Corporation have distinct roles and responsibilities under the OMERS Act, 2006. At times, the roles and responsibilities of the two Corporations may intersect. The principles-based Memorandum of Understanding is intended to manage these intersections, by setting out key areas of cooperation and processes to guide the actions and behaviour of both Corporations.

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Memorandum of Understanding .pdf
The Memorandum of Understanding is effective January 1, 2017.
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