Key dates for 2015 at OMERS

December 01, 2014
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Communicating with Employers, Sponsors and Stakeholders on key developments at OMERS.

As a valuable OMERS stakeholder, we wanted to provide you with an overview of some key dates in the OMERS calendar for 2015.

  • OMERS Annual Inflation Increase: OMERS retirees will receive a 1.80% inflationary increase effective January 1, 2015, reflecting the change in the cost of living as measured by the Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI).  Read more
  • OMERS Financial Results:  The Plan’s latest funded status and a summary of the Plan’s 2014 investment results and performance by asset class will be posted on, released to the media and distributed electronically to stakeholders by the end of February 2015.
  • OMERS Annual Report: The Report will be available in the first quarter of 2015; posted on and distributed electronically to stakeholders.  It will provide an in-depth look at the Plan’s performance in the previous year, including detailed financial statements, discussion and analysis of the Plan’s financial standing and a review of historical results.   
  • Funding Management Strategy and Decision Making Process:  By early April 2015, the OMERS Sponsors Corporation will communicate their intentions under their new Funding Management Strategy and the extent to which plan changes decisions will be on the table in 2015.  For more information visit: Understanding Plan Changes
  • Spring Information Meeting:  Our 2015 Spring Information Meeting will take place on April 13th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and will be an opportunity for members and stakeholders to engage directly with both OMERS Boards and OMERS senior leadership team.
  • Enhanced Stakeholder Outreach Program: The senior leadership of OMERS, including the OMERS Sponsors Corporation Co-Chairs, OMERS Administration Corporation Board Chair and OMERS senior executive team, will continue to prioritize meeting and engaging with OMERS stakeholders across the province throughout 2015. 
  • Opinion Research: As part of a continuous improvement exercise, we will be reaching out to our stakeholders in 2015 to ensure that we continue to develop services, communications and engagement strategies that are relevant to you.  

As always, should you have any questions regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at


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