Connecting with, listening to and keeping you informed

April 04, 2016

At OMERS Spring Meeting

Held on April 4, 2016, OMERS Spring Information meeting provided a great opportunity for OMERS leaders to update members, employers and stakeholders on OMERS 2015 results and performance and to introduce OMERS 2020 Strategy.

Watch the Spring Meeting


Many employers have taken the time to meet with OMERS senior leaders. These discussions have proved to be invaluable. We’ve learned firsthand what we’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement – knowledge that will help to guide us in the future.

Connecting with employers will continue to be a priority for OMERS. This year, the outreach is being broadened; other members of OMERS executive team are reaching out to meet with some employers to connect, talk about issues and listen to feedback.

At your conferences and workshops

OMERS senior leadership welcomes the opportunity to speak at your function on matters related to OMERS.

To request a meeting for your staff to learn more about their pension, continue to contact our Education and Training team at

Invite an OMERS senior leader to speak at your function. Contact

For more information, contact 
Cara-Marie O'Hagan, 
Vice-President, Member and Stakeholder Communications at

Online through a new survey

In the past, we have reached out to you to gather feedback through telephone surveys. This year, we will be taking our research online to make it easier and faster for you. Online surveys will begin later this year and continue on a regular basis. If you receive a survey invite from OMERS by email, we encourage you to participate. Your opinions are important to us!